It was the perfect balcony, one that overlooked the sea.
Every night, at the same time she would stand there leaning on the railing and staring out into the distance, searching. Hoping, that maybe somewhere in the darkness a hint of light would appear.

The sea breeze would tickle her bare arms but it never distracted her. The cold wasn’t far, however that wasn’t going to change anything. Below, the strip of sand was a reminder of the awful night they said goodbye. “I’ll wait for you” she said to him, knowing that the date and time of his return was unknown. He looked into her eyes and knew, knew that she meant every word. He took her hands in his trying to find the right way to express the mess of emotions building up within him. He kept searching her eyes, there was so much love in them it was overwhelming. He couldn’t find the words, so he took her face in his hands and kissed her forehead. With that he turned around and walked towards the boat he was supposed to depart in. The motor kicked to life and slowly the boat began to descend.

She ran towards the edge of the pier and yelled “I’ll wait for you” waving her hand frantically.

The wind carried the sound of her frantic, desperate voice – a slight echo still audible, if you listened close enough.

Awaking from this haunting memory, she turned her attention towards the sky, wondering if they still shared the same stars; hoping he still remembered her. Disappointedly, she gazed out at the calm sea wishing that tonight the wait would be over. Darkness had swallowed the entire city, there was no sign of light anywhere. There were no boats, no ships and no people making waves in this sea tonight.

“Another night then”, she thought as the wind blew the sound of her ancient screams through her ears. She turned and walked back inside, “I’ll keep waiting for you,” she whispered, as hopeful as ever.

Self Portrait

I know who I’m standing here for. 
It doesn’t matter that the sea I stand in has different faces everyday. I attract the ones I want to attract, the ones whose eyes light up when they see me standing on the corner of the street. There are some who get the spark watching the silver joints move around mechanically, doing everything like a robot. Fulfilling their every challenge. Then there are those that see an art, something special through all the silver. Who don’t just smile to see if it’s reflected back, but because they spotted the person I am on the inside. Those are the people that keep this show going. I can bare the noise of all the honking cars around me, deal with the obnoxious children telling me “I stink”, accept the loose change they throw at me – for those who truly care. 
The routine becomes monotonous, the same performance each and everyday. I try to change it as much as I can, but as confined as I am, it’s pretty difficult. However, the food’s great. Every corner has a great place to eat and that is one thing that I greatly enjoy. The food, the music and the socializing people. In the rush of the corporate lunch breakers and the students I don’t feel alienated, I just mesh in with the crowd. No one cared what I was wearing, saying or even ordering. Of course, there are always on average one or two people who stare, but that’s inevitable. At times I sit at one of my favorite quiet spots and write about my experiences, hoping it could help someone not become like me. To avoid my mistakes. To learn what not to do and what definitely not to do.
It sounds lonely but honestly it’s not. This world is too big for me to be the only freak, there are a few more and of course since we have that strong trait in common we’re the best of friends. Although we’re busy making our place on the streets, we try to take time out for each other, to talk about the ways we survive. Over the years the bonds we’ve formed are quite strong. Our stage might be miles apart and our performances slightly different, but we could never forget one another.
As for the fans, there’s there only few who return everyday, who believe in my every ability. The people who stand by me. The people who see beauty in the differences that make me stand out. It is because of them I stand before the unknown showcasing what I was once ashamed of – myself. I recently got the ability to see that even though my robot suit is cramped and worried with work, it’s my key asset. It defines me, explains who I am and who I am is the robot man, a show performer on a stage that is life. 


People say the woods are scary, I hear them whispering about it when they’re passing through. I never understood why, maybe it was because they didn’t know it as well as I thought I did. It was the only place I’ve ever called home. My daddy brought us to this part of the forest when the elder called for our species to grow. They used a very hard word, something like extension or extinction – mommy said he meant us deers were dying out. So I left my friends behind and followed my parents all the way here.

It seemed we were the only deers here, until my daddy went looking one day and came back with a few females. I didn’t like them, they made my mommy make angry and sad faces all day.
One day the three of us decided to search for something extra yummy to eat. I was so happy, jumping and racing both of them, chasing butterflies. Sometime mid dinner, daddy got up to check on something and didn’t come back. When mommy and I went back home, the female deers were whispering about him running away with someone. I really didn’t like them, I wish the elder hadn’t ordered daddy to find them. Mommy didn’t talk to me that night, she was very sad. She sat by the pond all day. I missed my friends, with daddy gone there was no one to play with here.
Days passed, daddy didn’t come back. Mommy tried very hard to play with me but it just wasn’t the same. After daddy, mommy was in charge, she went to search for more deers just like daddy used to. When she would be gone, she would tell me what to look after here. I felt so grown up, finally being considered a deer just like everyone else.

As time went by, I grew. I understood things better, met different creatures and animals, some I wish I hadn’t. One night, I accompanied mother on her expedition to herd more deers from other forests but this time we faced an unexpected surprise. He came out of nowhere, with big antlers and a mean, vicious face. He had captured her and there was nothing I could do. My antlers weren’t anywhere as big as his. So just like that my mom was gone.

I walked alone that night for the first time. The darkness was daunting, the sounds terrifying. I was alone, a lonely underage deer with no idea what purpose or existence meant. I stopped in my tracks and tried, tried to find an answer. But I was clueless, I couldn’t recall a single conversation with anyone about what to do when something like this happened.

This was it, this was what those people meant about the woods being scary.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Teardown Reveals Camera, Heart Rate Monitor And Fingerprint Sensor Innards

Coolest Shizzz EVERRRRR #techgeek


The Samsung Galaxy S5 won’t be officially on sale in the U.S. until next week, but already people have gotten their hands on early hardware and torn it apart to see what makes it tick. Chipworks (via 9to5Google) has disassembled one of Samsung’s new flagships, and it provides an interesting look at that fancy new 16MP camera, which shares elements in common with the HTC One’s UltraPixel tech, as well as with Sony’s Cybershot line of dedicated cameras.

The Samsung variant of mobile camera sensor tech is called ISOCELL, and Samsung says it’s the next big important step up in digital photography after back-illuminated sensors, which themselves dramatically increased image quality in mobile devices when introduced previously. The key parts of ISOCELL have made their way into other similar imaging products from other companies this past year, including HTC’s UltraPixel tech, as mentioned. That’s not surprising, as technology advances in…

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Firearms- Part 2

My face met the ground as Haider pushed me down. Inaudible instructions were yelled out somewhere in the distance and just like that they had all disappeared. Still flat on the ground propped on my elbows, I aimed the sniper to the source of the chaos. Evaluating where to shoot, I looked to my right. Haider was still there, his hand was on my back keeping me on the ground, he knew I was capable of being completely stupid and running towards the center of the action. He signaled a plan to me, I nodded and we both started shooting.

The brass rain falling down at us had thinned, we were shooting blind but it was working. All of a sudden there was silence. The firing had stopped. Still on the ground, I searched the campsite; there was no sign of the others. I opened my mouth to call out their names when the excruciating pain made me choke on my words. The brightness of the day was changing to the dark of the night every few seconds in front of my eyes. It was when my hands felt the warm blood oozing out of my waistline did it make sense, one of the last few bullets had found its way into my flesh.

“We need to find the others, come on,” Haider instructed already on his feet a few feet away. He was gathering the already scarce supplies into a rucksack. I tried to move and ended up yelling in pain. Haider looked at me and saw the small pool of blood forming around me.

“Oh shit,” he exclaimed falling on his knees next to me. I was fighting the tears; I refused to cry, to be weak at this point. “It’s gone in pretty deep, this is Hammad’s area of expertise, I have no idea what to do,” Haider was panicking; I didn’t have the energy to try and calm him down. I wasn’t in any position to say anything reassuring.

“Can you walk?” He asked sounding terrified.

“I think so,” I managed to choke out. “I need help getting up though.”

He stood up, put my arm around his shoulder and helped me up. I felt the damaged tissue pull as I came to my feet barely managing to swallow my scream. I winced on every step, as I hopped down the trail leaning on Haider for support.  We couldn’t call out the other’s names without compromising our positions, so we wondered aimlessly through the woods trying to figure out where they had disappeared too. Every step I felt my energy levels drop a little. Haider sensed my lethargy and started to make conversation.

“I’m hoping Maleeha sees another snake or something, her scream might give us their location,” he joked.

I gave a shaky laugh but that’s all I could do.

“Does it hurt?” he asked sensing my discomfort.

“Yeah a bit,” My voice was so hoarse; it was getting difficult to speak as well.

 There was silence again. I kept thinking about them, about Ali and Maleeha. Just last night Ali had said he wanted to propose to her if we got out of here alive. Surely the universe would grant them their taste of happily ever after. Then Sheheryar, the youngest out of us all, he had so much more to see, so much more to live for. This couldn’t be the end for him.

It hurt to even think about Hammad, I knew how much he longed to see his family, to go back to his beautiful wife who he loved more than anything else in the world. He had promised her that he would come back to her. He had to keep his promise.

Haider had other reasons to win. Avenging his sister was the fuel to the fire, the fire of hatred that burned inside him. This war had taken everything from him, from his family to his peace of mind. I can’t remember the last time I saw him sleep. His mind replayed the screams, the horrific scenes as punishment. He was unable to protect his sister from the worst form of torture a man can do on an innocent little girl.  They had their way with her and left them all to die. Our soldiers were unable to save anyone other than him and since then it has been the purpose of his life to avenge them all, especially Eesha.

Here I was slowing him down in his fight against them.

I wasn’t even going to think about Sarim, this bullet was a sign, we really were not meant to be. I just hoped that once he found out about my passing he would move on, just like I had advised him too before I was deployed.  

My eyelids were drooping, the sandman was adamant to put me to sleep, but I knew that if I gave in now, I may never wake up again.

“Aleesha?” Haider whispered stopping. I felt my body go limp, but he caught me before I hit the ground. I could feel Haider’s frantic hands slapping my face, calling my name in the distance, but I was too tired to answer. The last thing I saw were red sparks in the sky, the signal. Somewhere towards north-east my friends were safe, with that peaceful thought I blacked out.  

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The Ring Input Device Puts Gesture Control And Home Automation On Your Finger

This is why I love technology.


There was once a rumor that Apple would actually use a ring device for input to an Apple television. Neither of those gadgets exist yet, of course, but Ring is a Kickstarter project trying to fund a finger-based wearable that could enable the kind of controls envisioned in that Apple flight of fancy.

The Ring is a hardware device that resembles an ordinary (if slightly chunky) ring, filled with sensors and electronics to give it the ability to control devices and render input. It can enable gesture controls, of the kind you’d get with a Wii remote, for instance, as well as text input by drawing letters in the air, gesture-based authorization for finalizing payments, and transmit alerts from connected devices via a built-in vibration motor and onboard LED.

Ring_Usecase_image02That may sound familiar, since the Fin wearable that made its debut at our TechCrunch Battlefield competition this year at CES…

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The bullet jacket fell to my feet, the sound of the gunshot echoing in the mountains. I could feel the five pairs of eyes staring at me, but my gaze was locked on the deer I had shot. I knew they were waiting for me to explain, I could’ve compromised our position by firing a gun without the hush puppy (aka silencer). “Dinner,” I mumbled my explanation and started walking downhill towards my target.

The truth was that if I hadn’t shot the deer, I would’ve shot Maleeha, we were fighting a war and all she cared about was how the humidity was messing her hair. Plus, Ali’s constant babying and pampering was making her think that her whining was justified. I didn’t understand how the chief permitted her to accompany us, she was slowing us down and I was sure that if she didn’t, the lovebug bitten Ali was sure to compromise our mission eventually.

The sound of crushing leaves doubled, it was clear someone was following me and I knew exactly who it was.

 “Hammad, why are you following me?” I snapped turning to face the closest thing I had to a best friend. I raised an eyebrow, waiting for him to speak, instead he burst out laughing. I could feel my expression change to my signature confused face.

“What?” I demanded over his loud, squeaky laugh. He still didn’t answer, anger levels rising I turned around and decided to continue walking.

“Aleesha stop,” he managed to choke in between giggles. I didn’t listen and continued walking.

 “You stubborn shithead stop!” he exclaimed sounding irked. I gritted my teeth and turned around. “What?”

“The single-shot you fired contained dummies, they were empty bullets, I had put them in to check its stopping power,” He grinned. As his words registered, I could feel my face turn red from embarrassment.

“You nitwit! What if we were under attack and I picked up that single-shot, huh? I thought we agreed to keep the dummy firearms aside!” I yelled. There was silence until her screams echoed everywhere. Hammad and I looked at each other, pulled our guns out and ran back uphill. Whilst running I emptied the single-shot and reloaded it with actual bullets. I knew this was going to happen, I knew she was going to cause trouble.

Panting, Hammad and I reached our campsite. There in the middle was a wailing Maleeha, Ali’s arms securely around her, a pissed off Haider and Shehryar sitting around the fire.

“What happened?” Hammad and I asked together. Haider looked up, shook his head “Maleeha thought she saw a snake.” He looked at me and I knew he was thinking the same thing I was.

“Maleeha, why don’t you go lie down in the tent,” Ali whispered to her. She nodded and disappeared under one of the army green clothes we called home. I rolled my eyes and sat in front of the fire.

“She’s just having trouble adjusting to the conditions,” Ali mumbled. “She is a girl after all.”

  I choked on the water I was drinking. I was laughing so hard, I spat some out.

“And what am I?” I mocked still laughing, the other three joined in.

“Hammad is more of a girl than you are,” Haider laughed patting my back. Hammad turned red and stuck his tongue out at Haider.

Before their usual argument on Hammad’s feminine ways could begin, there was a loud bang. Somewhere an explosive had gone off. Before we could decide how to react to that, it started raining bullets.

to be continued….