‘Like, Seriously?’

I can feel the piercing eyes stare at me, as if I’m this alien that suddenly set foot in unauthorized territory. But I hold my head up high and walk on, their eyes still following me. Even though inside its bothering me, irritating me so much that I just want to turn around and I ask them what it is that they are staring at! Instead I choose not to give them the satisfaction, I choose to conceal any trace of evidence that may show that their stares are affecting me.
The funny thing is that most of the people of Pakistan don’t know how to mind their own business, the people who know me may call me a hypocrite for saying this, because I’m quite nosy about their lives, but the difference is I know them, I care about them and I want to look out for them. However absolute strangers have no right to randomly comment on what your doing and how your doing it. I’m sure my fellow Pakistanis would understand what I’m saying if I mention ‘judgmental aunties’ whom we all seem to come across wherever we go. Someone really needs to tell them to keep themselves away from other people’s personal lives. They may think their advice is helpful and required but quite frankly it doesn’t make sense more than half the time.

The other day, I went to all the historical monuments of Lahore with family members who had come to Pakistan for the first time, to give them a taste of our glorious history and architecture. We entered an ancient mosque or as I prefer to use the Urdu term ‘masjid’, to find it filled with people. I didn’t realize I forgot to cover my head until after I entered but I decided to do so when I stood for prayer. They say that u should always say a few prayers when u enter a masjid, that its the right of each masjid that we offer ‘2 nawafil’ before we leave. As I entered the women’s section to pray, this random lady turns around, angrily says ‘cover your head child!’ I looked at her stunned, realizing she yelled at me. Instead of ignoring her, what I usually might have done I responded: ‘I know what I have to do, I was just about to do it, I wasn’t going to pray without that, you don’t need to worry about me.’ She looked at me sourly and went back to her prayers. Religion is such a personal thing, that I believe that no one has right to interfere. Even as I prayed I could feel people’s eyes glued to me. When I was done I turned and saw these two women sitting next to me, staring at me.Β 
I couldn’t come up with any valid reasons for them to stare! I mean I’m no beauty queen or anything, so it made absolutely no sense whatsoever! I honestly think a law should be passed that staring should be forbidden at least in places of worship if not anywhere else.Β 
They don’t understand that their staring makes the person feel extremely self conscious, which can make that person start worrying about how they look to the world all the time. Leading to major self-esteem problems. So if you stared at people I hope you got some valuable insight and will refrain from doing so in the future πŸ˜› that’s it for now I guess πŸ˜€ Β 


3 thoughts on “‘Like, Seriously?’

  1. So concise yet leaves an impact!
    I can relate immensely to this. Went to Badshahi Masjid last year and while I was there, the time of a prayer arrived bso I decided to offer it in thr grand masjid itself where a number of women were.
    Thoroghout my prayer, I could literally feel the stare of the women on my sides WHILE they themselves were offering prayers. I just knew remark and comment was en route after that.
    After I finished, this women nudged the other to speak to me and she goes “Skooz me, par aap ki ungli namaz main taerhi thee bilkul seedhi nahi. Isko seedha hona chahiye”.
    Ugh. I was so incensed. I mean, were you offering your prayers or mine?
    The problem with Pakistanis is that they proclaim and deem themselves to be te correctors of everyone and everything – a rotten element of our decadent society, there’s a quote from Wilde’s ‘Dorian Gray’ that said something like “All know how other should lead their lives, but none their own”. This fits Pakistan perfectly.
    As for religion, this nation is also the self-named defender of Islam; thinking it to be as narrow as their mindset.
    Also, I can bet if taxes were imposed on staring in Pakistan, all our deficits could be singularly dealt with that :p
    So yeah, completely agree and support your view!
    Good to see you in the blogsphere πŸ˜€

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