The drops fell on my face, one by one and suddenly, I was a kid again.  I spread my arms wide, welcoming the feeling like an old friend. There was no one to stop me, no one to tell me what I was doing was wrong or remind me what people might think. So I stood there in the rain, arms wide open, letting the unfamiliar feeling spread- freedom. This went against everything I had been taught and for once in my life I didn’t care. If this was rebellious, then I was ready to be considered a rebel. The rain fell harder, but I didn’t move. That’s when I heard the voices; ‘why can’t you follow directions?’, ‘Do you always have to embarrass me in front of everyone?’ and I froze. My brain instantly sent impulses to my legs to retreat, but they failed to listen. Maybe they were tired of being bound as well. My heart rate increased, and my smile grew wider. Check me out; I thought to myself, I’m suddenly so badass. Then the unexpected happened, I giggled. I hadn’t laughed in so long, that the sound of my own laugh surprised me. That’s when I started spinning. In that moment I was flying. It was like I could do anything, I was invincible. I looked up at the sky and stared at the beauty of the grey clouds, for once I didn’t feel small under it. Today I was infinite.


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