Just like the papers in a brand new pack of AA paper, everything seemed empty. The happy, smiling faces on TV seemed more fictitious than usual. At this point happiness was non existent, just like the thought of a future. The high stacks of books and all the people in the world were mocking her. Everything was different, in a strange way. Pacing, she caught sight of the mirror however the figure staring back was not what was expected. A robot, a robot with an emotionless face. That explained the emptiness, robots weren’t supposed to have feelings. How and when did this happen? Before she could investigate more, an invisible voice screamed out orders and before she could register what had been said, her legs had already started moving towards the door. She had no control over anything. All day she did what she was expected to do, but the lack of synchronisation between her heart and her body led to major screw ups in whatever she did. That voice would show up every time something went wrong, ready to pick on the scabs of old wounds. Her brain tried very hard to adopt the emotionless demeanour to accept this robotic lifestyle, but her heart refused to agree. This constant war between her brain and heart was becoming too much to handle. That, paired with the consistent nagging and negativity of the voice had become too much to handle. She ran back to the bathroom and tried to find the circuit that controlled her body. It was right there under her shirt, but before she could pull the wires and free herself, the lights went off and the voice echoed around her, “you can’t get out that easy.”


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