You think hours and hours about the perfect college essay, the words dance around in your brain trying to formulate ideas and paragraphs every minute of every day. Unfortunately, more than half those ideas end up in the trash can. Colleges claim that they want to know the ‘real you’. Please. They want to know whether you are ‘worthy’ of being a part of their prestigious institute. You have to write what they want to hear and if you don’t write that, well then you just don’t make the cut. This is why colleges can be called the world’s biggest bullies. They force you to do things their way, make you feel small, metaphorically tear you limb from limb (evaluating your application) and let’s not forget, tell you you’re not good enough. Sounds like bullying to me and to think anti-bullying campaigns seem to be a bit of a fad these days. Of course no one would acknowledge this form of bullying…however, that’s beside the point. Coming back on track, writing an essay that you know defines your future is enough pressure to turn a coal into a diamond. The stress, the writer’s block and the deadlines don’t make it any easier. After struggling for days, living through all the mental torture, you get an epiphany, the perfect story. Hitting the letters on the keyboard in hyper speed, you finally have your masterpiece. Then comes the real bomb, you crossed the word limit. Brilliant. Just brilliant. What comes next? The reading, the re-reading and the re-re-reading. Nothing can be erased without ruining the story or destroying the fluidity. Basically, you’re screwed. Either you come up with a new ‘masterpiece’ at the last minute or somehow get rid of over a hundred letters from the current story without ruining it. Thousands of teenagers suffer through this terrible cycle every year. It completes the circle of life, if you will. Now to conclude this rant I must stop procrastinating and start working on my actual college essay.


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