The Last Enemy

The silence of the night magnified the sound of her feet thudding on the gravelled road. The city was far behind her, but Anya had no intention of stopping. She was literally running away from everything.
Her body was numb but her heart ached. In a blink of an eye she had lost everything. The tears she had kept imprisoned for so long were escaping, running down her cheeks one after the other. It wasn’t until she tripped that She stopped. Lying face forward on the gravel road she cried harder. The universe had put her in her place. The person she had become in the past few months belonged in the dirt and so, she didn’t move. She lay there, and let her thoughts consume her. She had doubted the one person who had fought the world for her, who had gone against anyone who had stood in the way of Anya’s happiness. Anya’s mother had worked day and night to support her daughters dreams. Sadly, Anya was too blind to see that. She never saw past the anger and irritation. Never thought for a second that it could all be because of something. Never once did she think that there could a valid explanation for the bitterness. If she could she would order the ground to break beneath her and swallow her whole. She deserved the harsh treatment she got, it was her behaviour that brought it upon herself. The tiny tear streams that meandered down her cheeks, mixed in with the dehydrated sand she rested on. The world demanded justice and Anya was about to give it that. She had been a coward too long, it was time to do it, fight the last battle.
She got up, no longer feeling sorry for herself, this was a necessity. Besides everything was coming to end, might as well face it head on.
Her legs were throbbing, more so than before due to the numerous scars the jagged pebbles had left on them. That didn’t stop her. She was determined. This was going to end today. Her tears were gone, the self pity replaced with rage. A fire so strong that it gave her the strength she needed to face all her fears. She climbed up the mountain, something she would usually be terrified to do, and made her way all the way to the top. Sliding down some narrow paths, she reached the cliff she made her journey for. Before her eyes was nothing but the stars sparkling against the thick black night. All her fears had been overcome, all her enemies behind her, all her enemies-but one. She took a deep breath and slowly drifted into the pool of darkness.

“The last enemy that shall be destroyed, is death.”


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