You can’t find it in articles, on Google or in the words of those you care about. Reality is the pain you feel. The gut wrenching feeling you get when you wake up in the morning. 
It’s looking at yourself in the mirror and wondering -evaluating whether the decisions you’re making or the things you’re doing are right. When you suck your stomach in thinking you look fat, wear the world’s biggest smile to hide your tears and hug your pillow at night looking for compassion; trying to fill the unkown void; looking for something to fight the misery and loneliness you can’t help but feel. Loving someone who doesnt love you back, losing someone closest to you, being stabbed in the back multiple times: that’s reality. 

Reality must be accepted for what it truly is: real. The thoughts you push away in shame, the feelings you surpass out of fear, they’re all real, they all exist. The truth you convince yourself you aren’t a part of – it exists. No matter how much you deny it, they’re real. We look around ourselves and point fingers, casually singling out others as frauds. The truth is we’re all two faced. We all have a side that surfaces when we are alone. The parts that make us vulnerable. No one is as carefree as they think they are. We are all prisoners of our mind and our thoughts. The insecurities, the complexes and the innumerable heartbreaks are the essence of our existence. Those tears, those fits of rage and those bouts of strength build the backbone of our character. 

You know how you would give up anything to stop feeling alone, guess what? So would the person next to you, or in the other room, or in the other building and so on and so forth. We live in a world full of people yet we all feel alone. This is our reality. This is humankind. This is what we are, who we are. The truth is , the backstory behind freedom of speech, women’s rights etc is nothing but guilt. We don’t know how, or rather we’ve forgotten how to be human. Benefits, money, material goods; the never ending greed and competition, it’s all brought us here. Brought us right here where we’re standing today. The hearts we broke, the dreams we crushed and the hopes we discouraged all have left us with the pain we feel right now. That is reality. Happiness isn’t a destination. You can’t take a bus there. Happiness is making peace with yourself, your thoughts and accepting the truth – accepting  your reality.


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